Linda Morris

My name is Linda Morris and I was born and grew up in Iowa.

I studied business at Iowa State University and half way through my degree I was hired as a flight attendant and flight service manager for Trans World Airlines. I was based in St. Louis with TWA for 15 years. During this time I was on a quest to overcoming 22 years of 24 hours a day migraine headaches, allergies and a neck challenge I was born with. I proceeded to search out 17 different types of doctors, therapist and alternative medicine practitioners with no relief. Finally I was introduced to products from a Japanese Health Research Institute that within 4 days of using I awoke without any discomfort.  This led me to educate myself on their technologies.

I have been an independent  wellness consultant for the company 20 years.  They utilize products based on nature along with NASA technologies to create wellness products that assist the body in doing what it was intended to, to heal and repair itself each night in deep restorative sleep. They are the only total wellness company in the world and develop products that create filtered living water for both the shower and to drink, filtered healthy air, vital energy sleep system, whole food organic nutrition, Ecocert organic skin care, pain relief and energy products and pet products plus a perfect meal replacement plus pro-biotic and green drink  and the perfect meal replacement.

I have designed, with the assistance of three MD’s “the last diet ever” to assist and educate individuals on how to curb  carbohydrate cravings in seven days and to release excess diet for health, to balance blood sugar through diet, plus increase cognitive function.

Along this path I  created a detoxification business. I work with importing portable pure far-infrared saunas from Taiwan. This is a unique and special sauna that does not heat the head, which is much healthier. Individuals with high blood pressure can utilize this sauna unlike an enclosed wooden type sauna. It also releases about three times as many toxins from the body compared to a traditional sauna.

I also sell, teach and do services using the B.E.S.T Energy Footbath. Another amazing product that oxygenates the blood and energizes the organs for an individual in 35-45 minute sessions. I have one client with sickle cell anemia, within one 35 minute session, she saw the oxygen level of her blood go up 10 points.

The next path I found myself on led to emotional detoxification. I have two certifications in Advanced Psych-K,  Emotion code, and Access Consciousness Bars. All geared toward releasing trapped emotions that often contribute to disease and discomfort.

I  am a student of finding solutions to health, energy, discomfort and sleep issues. I am well connected and well respected in my field and I love what I do.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.